Traditional Resurgence

Traditional Resurgence

Traditional bathroom interiors are experiencing a remarkable revival with a range of period style designs proving to stand the test of time. From Victorian detailing and Edwardian shapes to romanticised heritage and glamourous 1920s décor, a classical appearance simply refuses to go out of fashion.

Whether you’re exploring period-style designs that provide integrity to the era of your property, trying to stamp your own style into a modern interior or simply searching for inspiration when creating your new bathroom, we’ve identified the most popular traditional designs that are making a resurgence in 2018.

Victorian Luxury

Intricacy remains the key if you’re looking to reinstate vintage décor and recreate a palatial bathroom aesthetic, with grooved wooden panels and sweeping arches at the heart of the Victorian home.

If your home possesses tall bathroom windows, luxurious, ornate dressings will offer the perfect backdrop to a statement freestanding bath whilst highly polished marble worktops around your basin will generate a majestic finish when partnered with elegant, chrome pillar taps.

Despite the need to remain inkeeping with tradition, combining vintage designs with modern technology will enhance the user experience without compromising style; an important feature of creating a successful modern-traditional bathroom.

Romanticised Heritage

If you’re looking to add a touch of romance to a Victorian-styled bathroom, utilising weathered, metallic tones and darkened colours will help to emit that sought-after ambiance. Try partnering painted wall panels with lavishly patterned wallpaper to produce contrastingly eye-catching, authentic finish to your design scheme.

To heighten the aura of romanticised heritage, large freestanding bath tubs that feature a bronzed cast iron finish will complement any period-style theme with aged, mirrored glass also adding a soft, warm appearance.

Period properties often have the benefit of large centre piece fireplaces which can make an idyllic focal point in the bathroom. Complete the romantic allure with candlelit soaks in the bath; the perfect way to unwind after a busy day.

Art Deco

Classical bathroom designs don’t always need to conform to the rules set by 19th century interiors; incorporating Art Deco design trends of the early 20th century will apply a modernist twist with an atmospheric feel.

Due to the versatile nature of Art Deco design, you can decide how modern or traditional you want your bathroom to look. A great way to begin is to use either pastel colours, white subway tiles with dark grout or bold wall paper prints as the foundation of your design. When combined with geometric tiled flooring, your bathroom will reflect the cultural edge and prosperity of this era.

If your bathroom already features a simple and stylish interior and you simply want to enhance it with a traditional modernist appearance, try adding subtle flourishes of 1920’s design. Accessories like fanned bevelled mirrors will offer an elegant focal point to your design scheme whilst antique sconces, posters or photos will add some understated charisma to your traditional room style.

Creating your own unique style

Attempting to replicate a specific design or concept isn’t the only way to achieve a vintage appearance, especially if you’re looking to add your own individual stamp.

If that’s the case, why not begin by adding a few classical elements that most appeal to you. Fitting subway tiles around essential areas such as the basin, bath or shower is a great starting point whilst pastel colours can be applied to any period-style bathroom.

Experimenting with vintage décor is also subject to your own individual taste; installing antique mirrors, traditional lighting and freestanding vanity units offer a more affordable alternative to a full-scale bathroom redesign.

If redesigning your main bathroom seems daunting, why not start with the cloakroom? Cloakrooms are an excellent place to experiment with new ideas and inject personality into your home as they are usually compact in size and don’t require a large budget to decorate. Used more frequently than the main bathroom by guests, cloakrooms provide the perfect place to show off and trial your interior design skills!

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