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My shower is either really hot or cold and I cannot blend the water, what is wrong?

It is likely the hot and cold supplies into the shower valve are fitted the wrong way round. Hot should be on the left and cold on the right.

Water still drips out of my tap for a short while after being turned off, is this normal?

Residual water can drain out by capillary action when the tap is turned off and should only last a few seconds, although sometimes this can occur

Why is there very poor water flow from my tap or shower?

Please check the following: • Is your water pressure equal to or higher than the minimum operating pressure of the tap or shower? •

How do I know if a products is suitable for my water pressure?

The minimum operating pressure for every VADO tap and shower is indicated on the individual product pages of..

Will my thermostatic valve allow me to have a cold shower?

Why will the diverter button on my shower mixer not stay out on its own?

To lock out the diverter, pull the diverter knob out and twist clockwise. If this does not work then check there is sufficient water pressure…

How to videos

Our ‘how to’ videos clearly and concisely explain how to carry out common maintenance tasks on our product types.

basin bath sink pillar tap
basin bath sink pillar tap

Ceramic disc flow valve: maintenance and replacement

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Studfast concealed shower valve mounting bracket
Studfast concealed shower valve mounting bracket

Attaching a shower valve and fitting to the wall stud

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exposed bath shower mixer
exposed bath shower mixer

Inlet filter: maintenance and replacement

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